We Can See It Coming :: By Daymond Duck

  • I believe Christians will soon see Jesus, see many of those that wrote the Bible, see multitudes of angels, etc.
  • I believe Christians’ saved loved ones will soon be raised from the dead, and we will see them (I will soon see my deceased wife, and she will have a new body that will never get sick or die).
  • I believe there is a good possibility that many Christians could go to heaven without getting sick, dying, having to be buried, etc.
  • I believe the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, Christians will not go through one minute of the Tribulation Period, Christians will not be on earth when the persecution gets unbearable, Christians will not have to deal with the Mark of the Beast, etc.
  • I believe the gospel will soon go all over the world, multitudes will soon be saved, all Israel will soon be saved, etc.
  • I believe Jesus redeemed this Creation at the same time He redeemed a people on the cross, and the mess this world is in is temporary because Jesus will take this Creation back during the Tribulation Period.
  • I believe there will soon be 1,000 years of peace, justice, and righteousness on earth, Jesus will be worshipped all over the globe, many Christians will have a crown of righteousness for loving His appearing, and Christians will come back to live and reign with Jesus here on this earth for 1,000 years.
  • I refuse to ignore or be in denial about the signs, and I refuse to be pessimistic about the condition of the world because this world is not the Christian’s home, and we win.
  • Finally, I am optimistic because I believe God’s promises, know that He said we can see the day approaching, know that many great prophecy teachers agree that we see the day approaching, and I know that we have much to rejoice about.

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