Biden Deliberately Sabotaged Afghanistan Withdrawal. Here’s Why

One of the most important things to look at is the behavior of the media. The narrative they create is one of the biggest clues about the direction in which they want to lead the public.

As the media covers the Taliban’s takeover and the crimes being perpetrated against innocent people, what’s the takeaway for the viewer sitting at home in America?

First, that withdrawing from Afghanistan was a bad idea after all (nevermind that the real issue is the poor way in which it was conducted); we should have listened to the neocons who told us we needed to stay there forever. They were right all along!

Second, that terrorism is on the rise again thanks to the new terror hot spot in Afghanistan and we must therefore accept a newfound worldwide war on terror.

Third, that we must be moved by the plight of all those being persecuted by the Taliban and allow hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees into our nation.

The finality is that the end to nation-building and interventionism that Donald Trump tried to achieve never materializes, because we will be sucked back into another war against terrorism to feed the appetites of the globalists, the war-for-profit establishment, the intelligence community, and the surveillance state (prepare yourself to see expansions of the Patriot Act).

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