New World Order Is No Longer A Conspiracy

For many decades, oligarchs (would-be rulers), based solely on their financial status, have decided the world is getting out of control…their control. They have now determined that the world needs a one-world totalitarian government. No more nations as we know them. No more Constitution, rights of man, or any such frivolities, as they see it. No more religion, but a universal religion, made to order for a decadent society. Everybody gets to feel good. They see mankind as having destroyed the environment, depleted our natural resources and created a civilization that is unsustainable. They love that word…sustainable.

This New World Order, or Great Reset, is a pro-fascist, totalitarian world order to be completed by the year 2030; hence the latest name of their scheme is Agenda 2030. They are behind schedule, mostly due to President Trump who wanted nothing to do with any world government, and the Ukraine-Russia War rethinking globalism.