The World Has Gone Nuts

The more the bar is moved to the left (or less traditional and normal) the more radical “normal” becomes.  We are in a bad place right now. We have moved way past Sodom and Gomorrah that even the secular world is taking notice.  Everyone knows things are not normal.  Take the transgender movement for example. Who the heck thinks helping young kids’ transition is ok?  Who thinks inserting special mention Joe kissed Dave in a movie is ok?  Like, “Time out!  Cut!  Hey, Joe, after you take your gun off the mantle of the fireplace to shoot the zombies outside your log cabin, tell the group that you and Dave just kissed in the back room while everyone was crapping their pants as they saw the zombie hoard coming across the corn field toward the house!”  The whole world is in total madness mode.  This has gone way too far.  World War 3 is around the corner and…. to be continued….